Pennypack Watershed Engagement | Bucks County, PA | Sam & Alex


I had such a wonderful time spending a rainy afternoon with Sam and Alex! They are some of the most gracious individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with and are just such a perfect mixture of sweet and silliness. As I was editing their session I noticed in the majority of the images one of them was either grinning or laughing! It is clear that they bring so much joy to one another and the people around them.

These two are are one heck of a couple!  Both are driven, kind, ambitious and fun. Sam is a news anchor and Alex is graduating from law school in May (read: power couple). And I just love their story! They were born in the same hospital and grew up just miles apart, but never met until their twenties when they were serving in the Peace Corps in El Salvador! It is always so special to look back and see how fate brings people together. It's a sweet reminder of how small the world really can be. Thank you to Sam and Alex for your willingness to be up for anything, your graciousness and making me laugh along the way, it was a true pleasure.