Love N' Fresh Flowers, Philly Flower Farm Summer Workshop, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Love N' Fresh Flowers is an organic flower farm tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia. The farm is peaceful. It's a magical land surrounded by trees, where rows of flowers lead the way toward a sweet mini barn, ducks roam the grounds and Jennie welcomes guests to learn the art of flower design. The evening I spent there was steeped in loveliness, from the cute appetizers to the haze of the setting sun. It was dreamlike.

Jennie is the founder, head farmer, designer, duck raiser and teacher at Love N' Fresh. The opportunity to spend time with her was an absolute treat. Not only is she kind, encouraging and funny, but she is clearly passionate and lit up about her work. Her enthusiasm and dedication are captivating.  Being around someone whose passion and work are so aligned is inspiring and powerful. I feel lucky to have been introduced to the farm and her! 

P.S. We are planning another field trip to the farm, this time to introduce my puppy to Jennie's ducks! So be sure to keep an eye on the blog for those images - they are sure to be the epitome of cuteness!