Rachel & Tyler


Tyler and Rachel have a deep, steady love. As high-school sweethearts, they have grown up together, leading to a true understanding of one another and powerful connection that is beautiful to witness. These two have a strong community of friends--I'm happy to count myself among them--and family whom they have poured their hearts into. The meaningful connections with the individuals surrounding them on their wedding day were tangible. Prior to their ceremony at the Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Tyler and Rachel sat surrounded by friends and family who performed incredible live music as guests arrived. The love and sanctity of that space is something I will never forget. As tears streamed down my face, I was swept up in the beautiful music, the tenderness shared between Tyler and Rachel and the outpouring of love from everyone in the space. It's these moments that remind us what life is all about, sharing our lives with others, loving them and building meaningful connections. Thank you for reminding me of that Tyler and Rachel! 

Ceremony: Bryn Athyn Cathedral
Reception: Groom's Parents' Backyard
Dress: Theia
Shoes: Nine West
DJ: Kaellum McQueen
Catering: Karen Spire Catering