Neka & Peter


Sometimes you meet people and you instantly click! That's exactly what happened with Neka and Peter. We met for the first time in the Los Angeles Arts District and  from that moment I  knew this was not going to be your average session. These two are full of energy.  Neka is a dancer and instructor at SoulCycle. Peter is a musician and surfer. They came ready for adventure, which included sneaking into buildings, creative costume changes and the chicken dance! Along with their contagious energy they brought with them a fierce love. Neka and Peter are so comfortable together. It was as if they melted into one another.You can tell they have been together for years by the way their movements and words complement one another. When they were interacting it was as if everything else fades away. I loved watching Peter soften with Neka in his arms and the loving glances Neka gave to Peter. 

One of the things I love most about being a photographer is that I get to see how different people express their love. I am allowed in to see sweet, loving interactions. I am witness to tender moments between dear ones. It is such an honor to capture different types of love stories and to see the countless different ways love is expressed.

How do you show your love? Quiet whispers, thoughtful gifts, dance parties in the living room? What ever it is go do it! Shower your dear ones with your special kind of love, the love that only you can share.