As a kid I loved snow days. It was such a treat to have a whole day set aside just to be outside to play with friends, enjoying sledding, snowball fights and of course hot cocoa. I left Rachel and Tyler's session with the old familiar feeling of a snow day spent adventuring with good friends! These two high-school sweethearts have an energy about them that makes you feel instantly at ease. Listening with kind eyes and always ready with a laugh, they make you feel as if you are the only one in the room. The love between them is evident. They have been together for five years now and the way they interact with one another is telling of this; from the way each takes the other's hand to their playful exchanges, there is a wisdom that shines through. It is clear they know one another, that they have grown together and respect each other deeply. It is an honor to witness this kind of love and a true joy to capture.