Katie and Andrew are college sweethearts so when they suggested we hold their engagement session at their alma mater, Haverford College, it felt like the absolute perfect fit! These two are are so natural and sweet with one another, quick to snuggle up and quicker to laugh. It was such a joy  to walk with them around Haverford's beautiful campus hearing hilarious stories about their college life together! I got to see the dorm they lived in senior year and the fields the walked every day to class. Being with Katie and Andrew was so comfortable and fun, they are such genuine souls, with big hearts and stellar dance moves. I cannot wait to be a part of their wedding day! 

During  our time together Katie and Andrew talked about how after living apart from one another for several years any time they are with one another feels like a gift. They don't take a minute for granted. When they are together they are snuggling, dancing and truly listening to one another. Even though they are now both in Philadelphia their mindset of not taking one another's presence for granted remains. This is one of the gifts a long distance relationships leaves a couple with,  an immense appreciation and joy from being close to your beloved. It's a sweet little gift that does not fade easily, and something I hope Andrew and Katie will feel forever.