The first time I met Liv there was an instant connection. By the end of our Skype session we were giggling together and did an air hug, both clutching our computer screens. I'd made a new friend and I was going to get to photograph her wedding! I had a hunch from the start that Liv would be amazing since she is the best friend of one of my former brides Lauren! Both these ladies are sweet, sincere, and so much fun! 

Liv and Nate are both teachers. They live in beautiful southern Delaware where their wedding took place. Liv is a stunning, little, happy red head and Nate is a quite, tall bearded athlete. They compliment one another in so many ways, like the way Liv fits snuggled up under Nate's arm and how Liv's out going personality perfectly balances Nate's quiet, calm demeanor. Their wedding ceremony was held at Prince George's Chapel in Dagsboro, Delaware, one of the oldest churches in Delaware. It's small and intimate with a stunning vaulted ceiling. Built in the 1700's the aisles are tiny! It made for an adorable walk down the aisle for Liv and her Dad. Seeing them walking down, shoulder to shoulder holding hand was one of my favorite parts of the day! Another highlight was Nate's surprise dance with his mom and groomsmen. Nate and his mom started to slow dance together and then suddenly the music changed and all of Nate's groomsmen jumped on the floor with them. The guys broke it down with a choreographed dance and then each groomsmen grabbed his mom! It was one of the sweetest and fun surprises I have ever seen at a wedding! 

Liv and Nate picked one of their favorite restaurants Catch54 for their reception. It has stunning views of the bay and the most delicious food! I love that their wedding embraced the locality of Fenwick, with fresh seafood, views of the bay and local flowers. I like to think Fenwick was congratulating Liv and Nat with a stunning sunset that kicked of their reception!