Griffith Park Elopement

It seems that the universe was conspiring from the start to bring Ruthie and Para together. Despite living on different continents, they have had a whirlwind romance. Ruthie is currently living in California and Para in Poland, together they have made it work, overcoming differences in time zones and culture.  As they told me their story it was clear that there were outside factors pulling them together, as if everything aligned to give them more time with one another to fall in love. From their chance meeting, to canceled flights, no vacancies and flooded roads, the beginning of their story could  be right out of a movie!

I met Ruthie and Para a few days before their elopement. As we sat outside a coffee shop on Sunset Boulevard, I could see instantly  how in love they were.  The way the glanced at each other, laughed unabashedly and snuggled up close as they told me about themselves. I loved being near them and the energy they exuded: so hopeful, excited and loving!

Their wedding day was intimate; accompanied by 4 friends, surrounded by a grove of trees in Griffith Park, they pledged their love to one another. The ceremony was filled with sentimental details. Guests shared a drink of Polish vodka and apple cider to honor Para's Polish heritage, and Ruthie shared pecans grown on her grandfather's tree to celebrate her Texas roots. Her grandfather has passed away and the tree is no longer standing, so Ruthie was saving the nuts for a vert special occasion. Sharing in this food and drink was such a beautiful and unique way to honor their heritage and loved ones. It was incredibly moving to be included in such an intimate, thoughtful ceremony and an honor to document the beginning of their journey together.

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