Amy Gray made my wedding. She was not only a photographer but a confidante throughout the process, and the photographs she took crystallized not only the most important moments in our lives, but they truly captured the joy of our friends and family and the essence of who they are! It was clear from when I first clicked on Amy's portfolio that she was the one for us. Her photos were so candid, so effortlessand so gorgeous! It was clear that she had an innate sense of compositionshe didn't need a pose: she needed a moment. She FaceTimed me on my way home from work and we had an instant connection. I felt so comfortable with her. We talked about my fiancé (who hates being posed) and my family (we were just overcoming some losses and I wanted portraits of them), we talked about our lives and our moves from city to city. I was completely disarmed by her. We hung up with a "love you." I'll admit I am not the type of bride who "thought about this since I was a child." And she dealt with my disorganization by dropping me little notes with questions (so helpful). The day-of I went downstairs, saw her, and we hugged each other like old friends. Upstairs we were all a mess, but she had a plan. While I was in a storm of hair and makeup she was photographing my accessories, using the space, capturing my bridal party being hilarious. She caught the best of us as we were. When I got her photos back I was amazed. The husband who hates to be posed loved everything about the photos. My friends and family are grappling with what to printthey're all too wonderful. She caught all that I loved  about my day and a bunch things I didn't see. She didn't know my family but she captured them. She's not just a photographer but a friend.

Amy - The whole day was comfortable because you were there. To be completely sincere: I'm a very confident person, but not super confident in front of a camera if it's not an up-angle selfie, but the pictures you posted made me feel gorgeous. You made us feel ourselves; you made our nerves into something special and memorable. Your positive energy set the tone for formal family photos. I'll just say: thank you. We love you.


Wow ...What can I say about Amy? I couldn't have even imagined a more perfect photographer for our wedding. From the moment they arrived in Australia they hit the ground running and went above and beyond our expectations. The photos were everything we could've hoped for and more. And it wasn't just the photos; it was the experience of sharing our wedding with Amy and Ivan. They came along on the ride with us... Felt the joy we felt, laughed with us, embraced the craziness and threw themselves into the unknown. I know this because I see it in every photo taken: the spirit of the day was immortalised for us to relive again and again. Amy captured the perfect balance of detail and spontaneity, but most importantly saw the art in everything. The photos don't stay still when I look at them—they move, they sing … I can feel the senses of the day. They have depth, they have freedom, they are art. Dylan and I can't say THANK YOU enough, such an honour to share our wedding with Amy and Ivan. They truly are artists at capturing love and we feel so blessed that they have captured ours.


Amy's images are intentional and artistic. She purposefully captured the details of my day, and not just the tangible objects, but so many of the detailed moments in between the BIG momentsThose hugs from your parents, siblings, impromptu dance parties, friends tearing up knowing that your wedding day is upon themthose moments matter just as much as the ceremony kiss, aisle entrance, etc, and Amy gets that. She quickly gathered who was most important to us and made it a priority to capture photos of them as well, not just me and my husband. Our wedding was about so many people coming together and I really wanted our photos to show that. Her vision for seeing moments and capturing them is something that I promise will leave you speechless. I've had plenty of people tell me that they can't believe she was able to SEE some of those moments she captured because they all happened so quickly. You won't have just photos of your first dance; you'll have photos that capture the emotion of the first dance and the emotion felt in the room. She really is an artist and has a refined eye for seeing what will be a great photo, and that was so important to me. Her point of view from behind the camera is so artistic, giving purpose to every photograph.

During our first phone call, I quickly realized Amy was a friend and not just our wedding photographer. She helped me to brainstorm the colors for my bridesmaids' dresses, look for vendors, and gave me all sorts of planning advice. She truly goes above and beyond her job as a photographer and will absolutely become your friend. My family and freinds left our wedding telling me how much they LOVED our photographer because she has such a contagious energy and smile. She was there through all the moments of our day, and for that I am forever thankful. Her gift for photography is one thing, but to have someone with you throughout your day that you feel 100% comfortable with was so, so important. 


Having my wedding and engagement photos done by Amy was a wonderful experience in itself, let alone the beautiful photos that were produced from it! Amy directed everything so smoothly. I was nervous about being in front of the camera but all that disappeared as I felt instantly relaxed in Amy's presence. It felt like she created a space where magic happened! Amy is so fun, creative, open and loving that my fiancé and I were able to completely enjoy ourselves. A few days after our engagement shoot my fiancé and I had to say goodbye to each other to spend months apart waiting for our visa to process and I can't tell you how many times I have looked at the photographs Amy created for us. The moments she captured are so tangible, I am filled with joy every time I look at them! They are timeless in my heart.


Amy was an absolute dream. She is an affable, warm person and an incredibly talented photographer. She has an inimitable style: an eye for capturing moments full of light and color that perfectly reflect the joy and love of a wedding day. On the big day, we really appreciated her knack for scheduling and efficiency. She struck a perfect balance of keeping bridal party and family portraits moving while making them a fun, organic experience. We came into this with only a minimal idea of when to do what for pictures, and Amy helped us establish an order of events that got us smoothly through the ceremony and the reception. Speaking of the latterwe've heard nothing but rave reviews from our guests about her reception photos. The turnaround on the eight hours of shooting (i.e., hundreds of pictures) was also very prompt, and having full digital rights to the photos makes sharing and getting prints extremely easy. We ordered a few engagement shoot prints through her service, and the quality is exceptional, so we'll be circling back for more!


I cannot say enough amazing things about Amy and the photographs she took both for our Engagement Shoot and especially on the Wedding Day. I have received endless compliments from family friends on how happy we look, and how much fun our wedding looked, and it is because the photos capture the joy that was palpable in the air that day. It was almost impossible for me to pick my 5 favorite photos. Maybe if were to select my favorite 25 or 30 it would be easier. From getting ready portraits, to our couple portraits, to the family photos, the ceremony and the reception, each series embodies the best of the day. I would like to especially commend the couple portraits. Amy showed up early and scouted the area around our wedding venue then produced some of the most dazzling portraits that many of my friends and family had ever seen. She found the perfect tucked away alleys in Philadelphia to shoot some completely magical shots. If you have the opportunity to have Amy shoot your wedding, take it. You will love her bubbly and creative personality and you will walk away with perfectly preserved memories of the happiest moments of your life.


Everyone should hope for a wedding photographer that is as amazing as Amy. Not only were her photos of our wedding beautiful works of art, she managed to capture the whole sphere of the day in a genuine, effortless, and fun-loving reflection of our wedding. This is mostly due to the fact that she herself is such a fun person to be around! She made the process of taking the photos so much fun, giving us just the right amount of direction while still letting us be ourselves in front of the camera. We wanted to get a lot of different shots in various locations, so I especially loved how we moved quickly through the shots; yet it didn't feel at all rushed because Amy didn't seem worried about it! We truly are so happy with how beautiful and fun our wedding photos are and we will treasure them forever! Thank you SO much for sharing your gift with us, Amy!