Outdoor Boudoir | Philadelphia, PA | Cathlin

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work with Cathlin. Her outer beauty is truly a reflection of the beauty she carries within. This shoot was extra special, not only because the timing was serendipitous, but because boudoir sessions feel like a sacred time. These shoots are a few quiet moments when I get to photograph a woman, just her, not with her husband, not at work, not with kids, not with friends. It's not a quick selfie before going out, it's not a group shot, it's just her. It's a time to celebrate the many roles she has and the body that allows her to do them all! It's a time when she can sink into herself, into who she is when she is at the center of it all. 

To me a boudoir session is a pause, to appreciate the beautiful woman before me and to celebrate all that her body contains and the beautiful things it does. A pause too for her to feel empowered, celebrated and truly seen. Boudoir sessions are a tribute to the strength and beauty each woman contains, to the path she is traveling and the body that assists her in the journey.